Annual NRIC Program Review

NRIC’s annual program review is a yearly meeting to provide an update on NRIC program progress. Many NRIC program stakeholders participate including U.S. Department of Energy Headquarters (DOE-HQ), DOE Idaho Operations Office (DOE-ID), industry partners, and others. Attendees actively participate in the review which highlights the importance of public-private partnerships in advancing nuclear technology. During the review, project teams present their work, findings, and achievements. These presentations include project milestones, technological advancements, and future plans. This review also provides the opportunity to identify areas where additional support or resources could be leveraged.

2024 NRIC Program Review – Idaho Falls, ID April 23-25


  1. Day 1 Introduction and Overview (Download PDF)
  2. NRIC Test Beds (Download PDF)
  3. Preparations for Reactor Testing (Download PDF)
  4. Experimental Infrastructure (Download PDF)
  5. Advanced Construction Technology Initiative (ACTI) (Download PDF)
  6. Maritime (Download PDF)
  7. Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) (Download PDF)
  8. Digital Transformation (Download PDF)
  9. Cost Reduction (Download PDF)
  10. Other Support Projects (Download PDF)

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