Advanced Reactor Demonstration Projects

NRIC provides coordination and leadership for the Advanced Reactor Demonstration Projects (ARDP) Program. An NRIC or INL coordinator is assigned to each project to assist with reporting capabilities. Monthly and quarterly meetings are held with INL leadership to reporting the status of status each project. During these meetings lessons learned and challenges are discussed as well as upcoming milestones, the financial and schedule status, and recent accomplishments. This is an opportunity for coordinators to alert INL management of any issues that require assistance.

In addition to providing coordination and leadership, NRIC provides digital engineering and project management support for these projects. This includes requirements management tools, configuration management tools and support, system architecting, model-based system engineering, three-dimensional modeling and design tools, digital twin support, and PLM type tools.

Project TitleCoordinatorScope
X-EnergyLuke VossMonte Carlo N-Particulate (MCNP), Cross-section library generation, multi-group transient (MGT) model review, Methods for Estimation of Leakages and Consequences of Releases (MELCOR) simulations, fuel qualification, post-irradiation examination (PIE)
Radiant Kaleidos Demonstration ReactorLuke VossRadiant demonstration reactor for DOME
KairosBoone BeausoleilTest tritium transport properties in molten salts and test containment material creep rates for base material and weld metal with irradiation.
BWXTSam ReissIrradiation and PIE of BWXT uranium nitride (UN) TRISO
NatriumGreg Core Support Natrium through the execution of fuelrelated R&D, including irradiation testing, fabrication, method development, PIE, and the implementation of digital engineering practices. 20+ total projects to meet these goals.
MCREJames KingDesign, construct, and operate a fast spectrum, liquid-chloride-salt fueled experimental reactor.
General AtomicsBoone BeausoleilPerform irradiation testing of UO2 at elevated temperatures for a gas cooled fast reactor.
ARCPavel MedvedevSupport metallic fuel qualification and probabilistic risk assessment for the ARC-100 reactor
WestinghouseJustin JohnsonModerator and cladding irradiation in the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR)
HoltecJustin JohnsonSupport Holtec SMR-160 thermal hydraulic experiment design and validation.
Westinghouse eVinci Demonstration ReactorTroy BurnettWestinghouse eVinci National Test Reactor (NTR) demonstration reactor for DOME
Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC) Pylon demonstration reactorSam ReissUSNC demonstration reactor for DOME