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our world needs healthy and manageable oceans by 2050

The Maritime Nuclear Application Group is a research hub and resource center that brings together experts from the maritime and nuclear energy sectors to demonstrate advanced nuclear technologies for a range of marine applications.

The group fulfills this mission through strategic studies of potential maritime applications, by identifying domestic and international legal and regulatory hurdles, cataloging and sharing of relevant information resources, and collaborating and coordinating with global stakeholders of all types.

The Maritime Nuclear Application Group aims to support near-term field demonstrations of advanced reactor technologies in marine settings by aligning with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Reactor Innovation Center..


Oceans have heated nearly five times faster than the air. Climate volatility and the damage it causes has increased by six to 10 times since 2010, compared to the period between 1980 and 2000. Maritime nuclear has the potential to help adapt to rising oceans and shifting water resources.


Coastal communities are not only the most vulnerable to climate-induced changes to our oceans, but many also host port infrastructure that forms the bedrock of the global maritime sector. Port communities are key locations to address maritime-sector emissions and their impact on the environment and surrounding populations. Working with these places to deploy advanced reactor technologies can provide long-lasting benefits to surrounding ecosystems and communities.


The advent of clean and affordable renewable energy technologies provides the opportunity to address many segments of the maritime industry’s emissions profile. However, large swaths of the global maritime fleet require energy technologies that can provide large, sustained power output across thousands of miles. Advances in nuclear and marine systems over the last 40 years provide critical catalysts to not only address this energy problem but create a paradigm shift in how the global shipping industry operates.


The Maritime Nuclear Applications Group convenes a unique set of skills and expertise to strategically address today’s maritime sector challenges. The members of our group represent vessel owners and operators, advanced reactor vendors, classification societies, U.S. national laboratories, nuclear and maritime lawyers, maritime organizations and companies, academics, and some of the top nuclear and advanced manufacturing experts in the world.