Energy Futures Finance Forum Tours INL

November 28, 2022

EF3 group standing in from the EBR-II containment domeNRIC welcomed the Energy Futures Finance Forum (EF3) in November to tour demonstration and testing facilities at Idaho National Laboratory. EF3 is a Washington, D.C.-based think tank running a multiyear project focused on developing policy options that increase investments in critical decarbonization projects and clean energy technologies. EF3 aims to advance solutions to the climate crisis through coalition building, thought leadership, science-based analysis, and clear communication on realistic pathways to accelerate the energy transition.

On the tour, the group visited NRIC’s Demonstration of Microreactor Experiments test bed, the Advanced Test Reactor, and the Transient Reactor Test Facility. They also met with a range of advanced reactor demonstration project managers and nuclear energy economists to determine recommendations that could help advanced reactor demonstrators with commercialization.

Upon meeting INL Director John Wagner, the group expressed great appreciation for NRIC’s efforts to support the next generation of nuclear energy development. NRIC and INL’s economists will continue to have more in-depth discussions about advanced nuclear energy costs in the coming weeks.

NRIC is excited to work with think tanks like EF3, to accelerate the construction and demonstration of advanced reactor systems in the U.S. by facilitating access to services and testing capabilities, as well as a multifaceted team of experts. NRIC enables collaborators to harness the world-class capabilities of DOE’s national laboratory system in order to bridge the gap between concept and demonstration.

Support from NRIC also means end-to-end assistance in navigating permitting and regulatory pathways, help with contracting, and support in stakeholder engagement. We support partners by leveraging government resources to meet private sector needs.

If you’re a think tank, innovator, or startup interested in being part of the advanced nuclear journey, you can find out more about what we offer on our website, or email questions to [email protected].