What we offer

NRIC is equipped to facilitate the construction and demonstration of advanced reactor systems through a suite of services and capabilities. This includes a core, multifaceted team that can leverage government resources to meet private sector needs. Support from NRIC means assistance in navigating from start to finish permitting and regulatory pathways as well as help with contracting and local stakeholder engagement. The team also assists with site preparation for new projects and can collaborate to support existing ones.

Because our team approaches opportunities and challenges through an interdisciplinary lens, we are excited to work on projects spanning energy, technology, business, and policy.

As a physical destination, NRIC provides a space to convene for outreach, showcasing, and events.

Please contact us at nric@inl.gov for more information and assistance.

What we are working on

  • Preparing sites for demonstration reactors
    • EBR-II Test Bed site capable of hosting operational nuclear reactor concepts that produce less than 10MW thermal power regulated under DOE Authorization
    • ZPPR Test Bed site capable of hosting operational nuclear reactor concepts that produce less than 500kW thermal power regulated under DOE Authorization
    • Site Preparation for reactor demonstrations regulated under NRC License
  • Additional Infrastructure to Enable Demonstration Reactors
    • Deactivation, Decommissioning, and Disposition capabilities for fuel and reactor hardware after demonstration
    • NRIC Industry Collaboration Office Building to enable on site coordination with innovators during multi-year demonstration reactor projects
    • Virtual Test Bed using NEAMS capabilities to accelerate design and deployment timelines for demonstration projects
  • Enabling the Fabrication of Nuclear Fuel for Demonstration Reactors
    • Identifying and preparing fuel fabrication facilities and workspace for reactors being designed by the nuclear industry
    • Connecting demonstrators with potential sources of feedstock
    • Establishing characterization equipment and infrastructure necessary to document fuel behavior and safety basis
  • Regulatory and Economic Risk Reduction for Demonstration Reactor Projects
    • Environmental impact evaluation activities to reduce the cost and timeline faced by demonstration reactor projects
    • Regulatory Safety Basis preparation activities which enable timely and efficient demonstration reactor projects
    • Advanced Construction Technologies Initiative to demonstrate techniques with the potential to reduce construction costs and improve investor confidence in nuclear projects
    • Digital Engineering Approaches to manage complex engineering projects across the entire project lifecycle

Key Innovation Initiatives

Digital Engineering at NRIC

Powerful new software allows for the development of new products, services, and capabilities by using digital tools to improve real world outcomes. Industries ranging from construction to aerospace have implemented these techniques to bring down costs and increase productivity. NRIC is leading the way to begin applying these digital tools to advanced nuclear concepts.

Advanced Construction Technologies

On April 13, 2020 NRIC published an Expression of Interest (EOI) for partnerships related to the development and/or demonstration of advanced construction technologies and processes that would be transformative in improving nuclear power new-build economics and scheduling. Reducing nuclear energy construction and deployment costs can increase confidence in the capability of nuclear energy systems to be delivered on schedule and on budget.