We build advanced nuclear reactors for this century

The National Reactor Innovation Center (NRIC) accelerates the demonstration and deployment of advanced nuclear energy through its mission to inspire stakeholders and the public, empower innovators, and deliver successful outcomes.

NRIC is is a national Department of Energy program led by Idaho National Laboratory, allowing collaborators to harness the world-class capabilities of the U.S. National Laboratory System. We are charged with and committed to demonstrating advanced reactors by the end of 2025.

Our technologies help people and the planet

Global environmental challenges have the potential to harm vulnerable populations and disrupt fragile ecosystems. Some analyses suggest these effects are already being felt. Advanced nuclear provides the United States with a compelling opportunity to develop a low-carbon technology that will help to provide the world with an affordable, scalable tool to address the global need for expanded access to clean energy.

Innovative designs for cutting-edge applications

Advanced nuclear technologies will serve new sectors of the economy by providing more than just clean electricity.

This includes decarbonized heat generation, water desalination, and hydrogen production. Hybrid energy systems will benefit from the flexible output of advanced fission plants that can balance renewables and deliver low-carbon electricity in all conditions. Innovative applications for maritime propulsion and space technologies will provide unmatched reliability on new frontiers.

Our Team

The NRIC team is passionate and guided by its mission. We rely on teamwork to overcome our biggest challenges and believe that diversity and inclusion are directly responsible for better outcomes. We are committed to the safety of ourselves, our peers, and our community. We are dedicated to protecting the natural environment today and for generations to come.

Dr. Ashley Finan is the Director of NRIC and Nicholas Smith is the Deputy Director.

News Updates

NRIC Quarterly Newsletter – Spring 2021

Welcome to our first quarterly newsletter. We are well into our second year of operations at the National Reactor Innovation Center (NRIC), and I am excited to share some highlights about NRIC’s progress as we advance toward demonstrations of advanced nuclear reactors.

A Faster Path to Carbon-Free Power

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Idaho National Laboratory (INL), and the National Reactor Innovation Center (NRIC) teamed up to adapt an approach that could save more than a year and millions of dollars in regulatory and vendor costs. The approach, called Plant Parameter Envelopes (PPEs),

New webinar series kicks off with digital engineering

Digital engineering is a powerful tool that can accelerate the demonstration and improve the economics of advanced nuclear energy projects. It also will be the topic of the first webinar in a National Reactor Innovation Center series “NRIC Tech Talks.”

Digital engineering to advance nuclear energy deployment

By Cory Hatch and Donna Kemp Spangler Digital engineering is a game changer for nuclear energy.In an industry vulnerable to cost overruns and schedule delays, digital engineering offers hope for accelerated deployment of advanced nuclear reactors.How so? With digital engineering, reactor designers

National Reactor Innovation Center’s Webinar Features Terrapower, X-Energy

The National Reactor Innovation Center’s (NRIC) webinar “What Inspires Us: Advanced Reactor Demonstrations” will focus on the U.S. Department of Energy awards to TerraPower and X-energy to build their advanced nuclear reactors by 2027.

Why the Future of Nuclear Power Is Tiny and Factory-Made

In the 1950s, few things seemed more futuristic and utopian than harnessing nuclear energy to power your home. Towering nuclear reactors popped up across the U.S. with the promise of harvesting energy from smashed atoms of Uranium to power everything from lights in an office to an oven cooking a pot

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