The planning and construction of advanced nuclear power plants requires collaboration between Communities, Innovators, and the U.S. National Laboratory System. NRIC provides a platform for these groups to work with each other by communicating common visions and accomplishing shared goals.

Communities that host nuclear power technology are its most trusted stewards. Constructing new plants requires identifying communities that are willing and suitable to take on this responsibility. To do this, NRIC invests heavily in the process of engaging with the places where plants are built. This means that needs among stakeholders are aligned in order to cultivate lasting ownership.


NRIC empowers innovators by providing access to U.S. Government resources, facilities, sites, infrastructure, and expertise. These capabilities will ultimately support a timely and cost-effective path to the licensing and commercialization of new nuclear energy systems.

Permitting and regulatory assistance, contracting support, and channels for local engagement are all services offered by NRIC to help communities and innovators navigate new-build timelines together.



The United States’ 17 National Laboratories are considered the crown jewels of the nation’s research and innovation ecosystem. NRIC bridges the world-leading capabilities housed in the U.S. laboratory system with advanced energy innovators.

Providing access to these capabilities allows the private sector to test and demonstrate novel reactor concepts, validate advanced reactor modeling, resolve engineering challenges, and accomplish general research and development to improve innovative technologies.