Digital Engineering

February 16, 2021, 3-4:30 PM MST

Learn how this valuable tool can effectively and efficiently accelerate highly complex projects like advanced nuclear energy technologies. Register for a webinar experience tailored to your needs with these three breakouts:


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Digital Ecosystems

Realize your digital thread through the cloud computing and data transformation pipelines that help enable systems integration and digital engineering. These connections reduce silent error introduction in design, significantly reducing reactor design and construction risk.

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Digital Twin

Merge your digital thread, controls theory, artificial intelligence, and online monitoring into a single cohesive unit. A virtual model comprehensively captures all relevant aspects of the underlying system and enable autonomous control, predictive maintenance, and misuse detection technologies.

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The Nuclear Materials Discovery and Qualification Initiative (NMDQi) is designed to accelerate nuclear materials qualification to fulfill the promises of early and advanced reactor technologies as a safe, clean, and low-cost base-load energy. NMDQi will establish tools and capabilities that will greatly accelerate the nuclear fuels and materials development process.

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Digital engineering to advance nuclear energy deployement

Digital engineering is a game changer for nuclear energy.

In an industry vulnerable to cost overruns and schedule delays, digital engineering offers hope for accelerated deployment of advanced nuclear reactors.

How so? With digital engineering, reactor designers can link all the nuclear engineering, systems engineering, project management, and design in a centralized system – a “digital twin” – so teams can modify the plans and designs as needed in real time prior to the physical systems being built. This improves both quality and efficiency, driving lower costs and better schedule adherence.

Past Events & Webinars

What Inspires Us Webinar - Sept 29, 2020
“What Inspires Us” features Dr. Ashley Finan, director of NRIC, Mark Peters, director of Idaho National Laboratory and Suzanne Baker, creative director at the University of Michigan’s Fastest Path to Zero Initiative and founder of Good Energy Collective.
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What Inspires Us: Advanced Reactor Demonstrations - Jan. 7, 2021

This 90-minute webinar, “What Inspires Us: Advanced Reactor Demonstrations,” is moderated by Ashley Finan, director of the National Reactor Innovation Center. It features Chris Levesque, president and chief executive officer of TerraPower, and Clay Sell, chief executive officer of X-energy. During this webinar they talk about their advanced reactor designs, which were awarded federal assistance under the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program. Opening remarks are offered by Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson.

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