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Why the Future of Nuclear Power Is Tiny and Factory-Made

In the 1950s, few things seemed more futuristic and utopian than harnessing nuclear energy to power your home. Towering nuclear reactors popped up across the U.S. with the promise of harvesting energy from smashed atoms of Uranium to power everything from lights in an office to an oven cooking a pot roast. With clean and...

Department of Energy picks two advanced nuclear reactors for demonstration projects

Two advanced nuclear reactors, commercial molten-salt and gas-cooled, will be built within 7 years

DOE Awards $80M each to TerraPower, X-Energy for ARDP

U.S. Department of Energy Announces $160 million in First Awards Under Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today (10-/13/20)) announced it has selected two U.S.-based teams to receive $160 million in initial funding under the new Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program (ARDP).

Natrium, Xe-100 Are DOE’s Picks for Advanced Nuclear Reactor Demonstrations

TerraPower and X-energy will each receive $80 million in initial federal funding under the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Advanced Reactor Demonstration

Energy leaders hail $160M allocation as ‘huge’ step for U.S. nuke leadership

Energy officials are celebrating the allocation of $160 million to deploy advanced nuclear reactors as a pivotal moment for advancing American energy leadership.

Two novel reactors target niche corners of the market

Two novel reactors, Radiant’s micro reactor and TerraPower’s Natrium project have made headlines recently for advances they have made toward their own unique, demonstratable nuclear-fueled power generators and both programs show how entrepreneurs in the advanced nuclear reactor space are streamlining designs to customers’ needs.

NRIC What Inspires Us, Webinar Series, event # 1, September 29, 2020

The National Reactor Innovation Center’s (NRIC) first webinar series “What Inspires Us” features Dr. Ashley Finan, director of NRIC, Mark Peters, director of Idaho National Laboratory and Suzanne Baker, creative director at the University of Michigan’s Fastest Path to Zero Initiative and founder of Good Energy Collective.

National Reactor Innovation Center launches webinar, new website

The new website and webinar will share progress as the center supports innovators building U.S. advanced nuclear energy technologies designed for the 21st century energy landscape. The 90-minute webinar will be moderated by Ashley Finan, director of NRIC. She will be joined by Mark Peters, Idaho National Laboratory director, and Suzanne Baker, creative director at...

Bringing Resilient Power to Puerto Rico with Microreactors

The U.S. territory of Puerto Rico is home to 3.2 million American citizens, with all the energy needs of a modern economy. Most of the territory’s power, however, is generated by facilities dating from the 1960s, which is nearly 30 years older on average than mainland U.S. power plants.

Former SpaceX Engineers Tout New Microreactor

A California company is gathering funding for development of a portable nuclear microreactor, designed for use in areas where other forms of power generation are not practical.

How The Nuclear Industry Is Getting Past A Tough U.S. Power Market

Nuclear proponents are not ready to concede that nuclear power has been priced out of the U.S. electricity market, but they’re increasingly looking at other uses for reactors and other places to …

Trump Administration Pivots To Nuclear Energy, Finds Lever Against China, Russia

Expanding U.S. commercial nuclear power abroad could become the Trump administration’s strongest lever against Chinese hegemony and Russian expansion in the global market.